April 22, 2014
"left hand will lean em like a little past 6"

"left hand will lean em like a little past 6"

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October 31, 2011


The wait is over. Special thanks to everyone who participated in making sure this project came out. RIP to Ricky Black.

Tracklist & download under the table. 

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October 27, 2011

"…a party aint a party if my nigga cant smoke…"


October 27, 2011
"…all haters expose they self so its best to leave it alone…"

"…all haters expose they self so its best to leave it alone…"

October 11, 2011

there is a reason why our generation of BOYS worship worldly possessions such as money skinny jeans and worldstar. your idols dont represent what it takes to be your OWN man. big sean wont teach you how to develop character. in fact he will instruct you first hand how to impersonate others and this CAN be attributed partially to negligent authoritative figures. niggas out here are in the mirror as often if not MORE than wifey when they SHOULD be focusing on their crumbling dignity and the HOES are enabling it then telling us we aint shit behind our backs. then you have those that wanna rap but are GARBAGE. you just wanna spit cuz it looks cool? fuck the culture right? my nigga cam said it the best: HALF THESE NIGGAS WANNA BE THE MAN JUST CAUSE. im as humble as a roach infested cereal box but im not as forgiving as the next man especially when we have all the resources we need to be the greatest generation of human beings to ever exist. we are kings and queens so lets exchange jewels. we need to restore the LOVE. im the furthest from perfect. im not even a derivative. this entire paragraph could mean absolutely NOTHING more than a piss poor arrogant rant BUT at least i stand for something.

what do you believe in?

October 6, 2011

"…keep it short and sweet cuz most of yall bitches bore me…"

premier politics


September 29, 2011
fuck hip-hop | free max b

if you follow me on twitter you are inexcusably aware of the fact that i am an advocate for tasteless satire. not in a hue of blind ignorance but in an air of esoteric banter that is fueled by my inability to give a single molecule of fuck OR im a pathological mention(s) whore. either way few (as in everybody) might consider me somewhat controversial which just so happens to be less important than my shorty hating my guts but that is neither here nor there.

125,000 units purchased overnight in a ravaged consumer climate for rap music certainly implies that jermaine cole is indeed heating up like leftover lasagna. im not bitter enough to not give props where they are due but i do lack the fortitude to bypass where they are NOT. this cole world mixtape that an insatiable industry is pawning off as an album just. isnt. that. great. to be truthfully unbiased? cole world is a belly button ring above average at best. the stars HAD to be aligned for every bit of glory hes attained because j. coles music is flat enough to fit the profile of every other struggling blog rapper AND their basic personas (in laymans terms: he is a waveless creature). the entire charade has given me a clear understanding as to why the hype surrounding him is grossly nonsensical. hip-hop is currently in frantic pursuit of a savior to balance out the haves and the have nots. a nas to your jigga if you will. someone to rescue us from raps successful anti-thesis better known as DRAKE but cole is simply not equipped to play the part. 

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